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Hoverboard Injuries: The Causes and possible Solutions

Hoverboards are pretty cool and amazing to use. The device has boasted a rise in demand over the past year and the need is still rising as there is an increased rate of traffic in most public roads.

However, careless riders sustain injuries due to negligence of information; there are avoid 4 dangers to watch out for to ride successfully

Spontaneous Combustion

the most common injury of hoverboards is the high tendency to explode and destroy properties. They have caused fires and burns

In the year 2015, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) hadn’t been able to find answers to what’s causing the hoverboard combustion, but they came with the conclusion that it definitely has to do with the batteries.

Until more information came to light, CPSC suggested that the hoverboard should be charge in a place where a fire cannot be ignited. the CPSC also suggest that the hoverboard should be examined in a place where it can be watched at a close range. Presumably, if there is a fire outbreak, it can be put-off quickly before it causes more disaster.

One problem with being in the same place while it undergoes its charging cycle is the high tendency to burst into fire. Some people have been injured from flying dirt when the hoverboard explode.

You should charge hoverboard in a place that is under normal atmospheric condition. For instance, if hoverboard is charged in a hot environment, the temperature of the environment will likely interfere with the temperature of the hoverboard. it might likely cause an explosion. Also, it should not be charged immediately when it has just been used (probably, still hot).


The world has never produced a fantastic product without its side effect. Concussions is just a special type of head injury and falling from a hoverboard doesn’t give an exact type of injury but concussions is one of the worst cases of head injury.

The CPSC suggested a rider should put on a helmet, just like skateboards and bikes, some riders don’t really pay attention wearing safety gear. You need to put carelessness aside and do the right thing. It’s better to protect yourself than to lose the memories you have created for many years.

Spinal Injuries

Well, I have seen so many hoverboard owners driving it in their living room which I think it’s not quite appropriate. What if you mistakenly lose the balance and hit the back of your neck on a coffee table. You are more likely to sustain a spinal injury.

The modern medical treatment doesn’t have a solution on how to fix spinal cord separation. it is not as if nerves can’t repair themselves. the system looks like a telephone cable without knowing which wire to connect.

Hoverboards are one of the latest tech product that its popularity has grown enormously before being introduced to the market. Ever since then, it has become a powerful alternative to run short errands. The device has been UL 2272 certified meaning that they are safe to ride; this doesn’t mean riders can’t get injured if they are careless. There is a high probability that they fall if they fail to gain their balance while on the board. Here we will talk about the injuries caused by hoverboard and how they can be avoided.

Broken bones

No one will want to produce a device that will slam your head on the ground. One way to avoid is to put your hand ahead of your fall. Some people call it “break your fall”

The most common hoverboard injury is the wrist fractures and we can predict by this category is also commonly related devices like skateboards. This doesn’t mean they are not cases of minor bumps and bruises but they are not as frequent as broken bones cases.

Bumps and Bruises

Finally, on some occasion, there are going to be scrapes, bumps and bruises. But it’s so easy to avoid all these if you adhere to the instruction. There is no doubt that hoverboards have solved a lot of transportation issues but it’s necessary we take care of things from our own end.


Let me put it straight to you that you can ride hoverboard without getting injured, the injuries listed above are sustained by riders because of their carelessness but if you could follow the instruction obediently, then you are safe to go about your daily work. if you are searching for where to buy a hoverboard, then you need to visit Official hoverboard to get yours!