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Best hoverboards in the UK for 2022: best all terrain hoverboard


 Want to know what the best hoverboard UK is for 2022? Check out our pick of the best hoverboards that will be at the top of every hoverboard lover’s Christmas list:

 Hover 1 hoverboard

 The Hover 1 Freedom boards are known for their performance. New for 2022 is the Hover-1 Horizon Hoverboard that comes with built in Bluetooth speakers.

Key specs for hover 1 freedom hoverboard – Max speed 12 km/h Weight 9.6 kg Wheels 8” Max load 100kg


Blue Galaxy 10” All Terrain

With rugged 10” inflatable tyres, this hoverboard will take you anywhere, with sand, bumps and uneven ground all easily overcome. It has Bluetooth speakers built-in and precise gyro control for a smoother ride. £259.99

Key specs Max speed 14 km/h Weight 12 kg Wheels 10” Max load 120kg


Geekme Hoverboard

 Geekme Hoverboard UK models comply with strict EU standards and the 8.5” geekme hoverboard all terrian model, comes with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, which flicker at the front of the pedal. £249.99

Key specs for Geekme hoverboard all terrain – Max speed 15 km/h Weight 12 kg Wheels 8.5” Max load 100kg


Rose gold hoverboard UK

 When only a gold hoverboard will do, look no further than the Rose Gold Chrome 6.5” Disco LED Official Hoverboard, that comes with built-in Bluetooth speaker, bright multicolour lights and precise gyro control for a smooth and responsive ride. A winning rose gold hoverboard. Just £219.99 

Key specs – Max speed 12km/h Weight 12 kg Wheels 6.5” Max load 100KG

Official Halo Rover X Hoverboard

The Official Rover X Hoverboard 8.5” Black Edition comes with fire safe batteries, a training mode for learner riders and 800 watt dual motors, that will take you up the steepest of hills. Ride Assist technology keeps the board upright and there’s an app that allows you to track your ride. Price £366.

Key specs - Max speed 16 km/h Wheels 8.5” Max load 117kg

 G2 Blue Galaxy Off Road Hummer

 A brute of an all terrain hoverboard with auto balance technology, silent German motors, solid grip rubber tyres and a premium Samsung cell battery pack. Also comes with Bluetooth built-in speakers. It's pretty zippy too, reaching speeds of up to 16 km/h. £259.99

Key specs – max speed 16km/h Weight 13.5kg Wheels 8.5” Max load 120kg

 RCB Hoverboard

 With 8.5” wheels, auto-balancing technology and LED lights, the RCB Hoverboard also comes with an app that allows you to check power, adjust speed and view your mileage. In RCB review this all terrain hoverboard scores highly for balance, ease of control and speed. Price £249.99

Key specs - Max speed 15 km/h Weight 12.5 kg Wheels 8.5” Max load 120kg



How much should I pay for a hoverboard?

 Hoverboards cost between £100 - £400, although we don’t recommend paying less than £200 for a new one, as you are likely to be skimping on quality. More expensive models offer better performance and added extras such as high gloss finish, built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.