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Are Hoverboards Dangerous?

In the past when the invention of the hoverboard became known in 2015, it was a huge success. Looking at the success of the debut and the wide range of demand, many manufacturers started producing hoverboards and selling without proper inspection for safety and quality. These rapid productions led to the serious malfunction of the self-balancing scooter, the hoverboard. several incidents associated with hoverboards catching fire and causing burns were reported to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Over the years, hoverboards continue to emerge with amazing popularity among young minds and adults even though it was reported as a dangerous device and was banned in various countries and city's. We believe you are curious to know what has changed, how it continues to gain popularity if they are so dangerous? Well, here is your answer.

All is in the past. In recent years, a lot has changed about the hoverboard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission took it upon themselves to pass a law guiding the production of new hoverboards and the recall of already produced hoverboards for proper inspection. The UL 22722 certification sees to it that manufacturers are keen on producing high quality and safe hoverboards for consumer use. So, we can say newer versions of the hoverboard are no longer dangerous as the old ones are. Does that mean they are safe?

Just like every other mode of transportation, be it cars, train, bicycle, etc. hoverboards also comes with certain dangers and risks. In this article, we will take a look at the possible dangers that are associated with the use of the recent versions of hoverboards.


According to statistics, falling from a hoverboard is the most popular danger associated with riding a self-balanced scooter. Based on the facts proven by stats, we can say that one of the biggest risks associated with hoverboards is the risk of falling from the scooter, especially when you are just learning how to balance yourself.

Not just a learner, even when you are a Pro at riding a hoverboard. you still run the risk of falling probably while performing stunts or moving on rough surfaces including collision with objects or people. This is the reason it is vital to stay alert and conscious when riding a hoverboard in public places.

Kids are more prone to falling from a self-balancing scooter. So you must monitor then while riding and probably prevent them from riding at higher speed and avoid busy routes.

Technical issues such as explosion

As reported in past events and discuss in the earlier aspect of this article, hoverboards are reportedly dangerous due to the explosion of the battery causing a fire. Thanks to the intervention of the UL 22722 certification, the hoverboard does not pose the same level of risk as in the past. Nevertheless, you still run the risk of your hoverboard catching fire probably while charging or riding if you purchase a hoverboard with no certification. This can be because you are thinking of saving a few bucks.

We stated in one of our articles “Ultimate guide for buying the best hoverboard”; if you want to enjoy your hoverboard and lower the risk level, get a UL 22722 certified hoverboard. You can visit the official hoverboard website to order a certified hoverboard.

Traffic Accidents

Every other mode of transportation runs the risk of traffic accidents. Just like in every mode of transportation, hoverboards are also susceptible to traffic accidents. You increase the risk of traffic accidents when you ride close to traffic. This is why you should not play with a hoverboard close to highways or traffic areas.

Weight Limitations

You have to be aware that hoverboards are not made to fit all in terms of size and weight. However, Hoverboards come in different sizes with minimum and maximum weight put into consideration during production. The minimum weight is usually around 20kg, and the maximum weight is approximately 100kg. What does this mean?

If you don’t purchase a hoverboard specifically made to sustain your weight, the self-balancing scooter will find it uneasy to attain balance. With this, you run the risk of falling down or probably damage your hoverboard if your weight exceeds the stipulated maximum weight for that particular hoverboard

Is there any way to limit the risk of danger?

  • Regardless of age, either adult or kids, it is important to wear protective gear such as helmet and wrist guards.
  • Don’t allow kids to ride close to traffic and if you are a pro, be vigilant while riding highways and traffic areas
  • It is important to read the manufacturer’s note regarding your hoverboard for age and weight restrictions.
  • Making sure your hoverboard is in perfect condition. For example, make sure the wheels are not worn out. Check out our article on “maintaining your hoverboard.”

In conclusion, hoverboards today is something we can regard as a safe to use transport device as long as you keep the rules, follow the procedure and requirements stated by the manufacturer. If you are just buying a hoverboard, we suggest you get a certified hoverboard and follow our ultimate guide for buying the best hoverboard. You don’t want to go through the stress? We’ve got you covered. At the official hoverboard, you can get a fully certified hoverboard made just for you. Kindly visit their official website and pick a hoverboard based on your specs.